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We thought we’d take some better photos (ie not with our phone) of our new tile now that it’s grouted, cleaned and sealed.

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We unloaded the accent tiles for this installation out of the kiln with a sigh of relief this morning.  It was their second trip though the kiln for glaze firing.  The first time was at 06 with less than stellar results and this time at 05 and they’re prefect.  We installed these this afternoon and will grout it tomorrow.  Sealer in a couple days.

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We’re going to see if stoneware clay would make a much better tile clay body than the earthenware we’ve been using.  So we made a 15 x 15 inch vineyard tile to test Laguna B-Mix 5 to see if it would pass or fail.  We also made some sweet lidded jars including one we did some vertical slip-trailing on.


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My dream CNC DIY project just got a whole lot more real.

I’ve been dreaming of doing a 3 axis DIY CNC build like many of the ones on instructables.com, but holy crap this will be so much more precise.

But that’s all its been is a dream in the back of my head for something that would really cool and handy to have. It can be used for cutting templates, dies for an extruder,  carving plaster molds, and so much more, all super precise and repeatable.

It was recovered from the trash before heading to a landfill by my brother in-law Steve.  It just needs a stepper controller ($80 ebay) and a milling machine ($30 harbor freight).

It’s just a few projects behind the kiln it’s sitting on.

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We made some new trim tiles that will be going in our Laundry/Pantry.  The dark gray clay is Amaco Versa 20, it fires to a decent white at 04 bisque.  These will be glazed in a aqua crackle at 05, the stamped squares should pool some glaze nicely.

My progress on building a tile extruder have gotten as far as a piece of square pipe laying on the floor in the storage room.   So we’re still using a scrapping technique to make our trim tiles using a CNC cut template.

We made a couple finished end tiles for the end of the run.

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Tile & Cups

We spent the day working on tile for our guest bathroom and some cups for a custom order.  We already started bisque firing the field tile and the first load is ready to glaze.

This section of tile goes around the two shampoo cubbies in the shower.  It’s our convex “Zoe” tile complete with one piece corners.  We made the tile yesterday and Angi put the relief pattern on today.

On the back of each of the cubbies we’re putting one of these 15 x 15 inch patterned tiles.

While Angi was doing that I got started on throwing the cups, 30 down 30 more to go.

We’ll trim, decorate, and handle them tomorrow getting to try out our new Giffin Grip for the first time.

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It’s one of the hardest things for any artist to do…Promote yourself.   We’ve never had a problem coming up with ideas for our clients advertising projects but when it’s for us it’s not as easy in fact most of the time it’s frustrating.

Angi came up with this to promote our handmade ceramic tile business and it looks fantastic.  It was all produced in house including the 8 page brochure.  We use Adobe InDesign for all our page layout projects and Photoshop for preparing the images.  All the printing was done on an Epson 9600 UC.  The boxes are ones we use for our notecards so we have plenty of them.  If you need a few thousand empty kraft boxes let us know, hint hint.

We used a part of one of our tile designs as the inspiration for the making these pendant necklaces.  We’ll be sending these to some select interior designers and hopefully this will smooth the way to get a meeting to show them our tile.

We did some smaller pendants also.

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