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This is our Shimpo NVS-07 De-Airing Mixing Pugmill Lorraine.

We needed to switch from earthenware to B-Mix 5 so it was time to clean it out for the change. We pugged the 50 odd pounds that was in the machine and got ready to clean.

This is what the machine looks like after use.

photo 1

Close up of the inside.

photo 2

We used a hard plastic squeegee to get the bulk of the soft clay out.

photo 3

After just a bit of scrapping.

photo 4

You then unbolt the nozzle.  Held on by 4 bolts.  There’s a lot of clay left in the nozzle that you need to get out.

photo 1-1

Then you have to clean the clay off the screw auger.

photo 3-1

The screw auger is held on by one bolt.

photo 4-1

Remove the bolt then pull out the screw auger.  Scrape the rest of the clay off and we used a chop stick to ream out all the holes in the paddles.

photo 5-2

Once the auger is out of the machine scraping the inside of the pugmill is very easy.

photo 5-1

Then using a wet sponge wipe down the rest of the interior.

Nice thing about taking these photos is I was able to see the little bit of clay I missed.

photo 1-3

We used a garden hose to blast clean the screw auger.

photo 4-3

Scrap the clay from the nozzle using the plastic scraper then a wet sponge.

photo 3-3

Then reassemble and it’s ready for more clay action.

photo 5-3

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To notice the lighting coming in through the window in the shop looks really nice on Angi’s new napkin rings.


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Ceramic Pendants

Angi’s been at it again!  I think this one is my favorite.

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It’s one of the hardest things for any artist to do…Promote yourself.   We’ve never had a problem coming up with ideas for our clients advertising projects but when it’s for us it’s not as easy in fact most of the time it’s frustrating.

Angi came up with this to promote our handmade ceramic tile business and it looks fantastic.  It was all produced in house including the 8 page brochure.  We use Adobe InDesign for all our page layout projects and Photoshop for preparing the images.  All the printing was done on an Epson 9600 UC.  The boxes are ones we use for our notecards so we have plenty of them.  If you need a few thousand empty kraft boxes let us know, hint hint.

We used a part of one of our tile designs as the inspiration for the making these pendant necklaces.  We’ll be sending these to some select interior designers and hopefully this will smooth the way to get a meeting to show them our tile.

We did some smaller pendants also.

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Angi had some fun decorating one of her newest creations from the wheel.

Here are some more new pots.

And a whole bunch of jewelry.

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Here are some jewelry pendants Angi made that were in our latest kiln firing.  There are several more that I hope to post soon.

For sale here!

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