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Our Dangerously Spiky Mugs.

When Angi made the first of our Spiky mugs as a Christmas gift for her brother Tony, we didn’t foresee how popular they would become.  We just can’t make enough of them.  We have them listed as made to order items on Etsy, our Big Cartel store, and Copius.  Our goal has been to make enough to get ahead so we can have some ready to ship mugs for sale but we haven’t manage to yet.  Just a few extras here and there.  Having missed out on too many sales last year because of the 6 week MTO wait, it’s time to go into major production mode so we’re ready for the holidays.  Google search “Dangerously Spiky Mugs” or just “Spiky Mugs” and you’ll get tons of hits (still can’t believe it).  We would like to thank thisiswhyimbroke.com for thousands of hits.

We loaded another batch of 48 of our regular sized Spiky mugs in the bisque kiln today.

It’s a very painstakingly slow process to get as many as possible loaded without breaking off any spikes.

We’ve gotten orders from all over the world for these mugs with the latest coming today from Estonia.  The country with the most orders is Australia.

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We posted a while back some photos of a custom dinnerware request in the just thrown and leather hard stage.

They just came out of the kiln.

The goblets came out great for our first attempts.  We threw them in two parts.  The cup portion off hump then the base from the rest of the clay,  Hit the base with the heat gun and placed the cup on the base.

These are all made with Laguna B-Mix 5 and fired to cone ^5.5.


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New Pots

New pots fresh from the kiln.

Several new designs and some returning favs.

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This is one way to keep Paula Dean out of your butter.
We had a request from an Etsy customer who loves our Spiky mugs to make her a Dangerously Spiky butter dish. Angi ran with the idea and designed and created these spectacular butter dishes.

The butter dish gets the Dangerously Spiky treatment.

The butter dish got the Dottie treatment too.

All made with Laguna B-mix 5

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We were asked to create some dinnerware for an Etsy customer.  She wanted some flat plates with a small rolled rim, some low bowls with a rolled rim and some goblets.  Well we’ve never even tried to make goblets but we didn’t let that stop us.

These are thrown with B-mix 5.  Took 1-1/4 lbs of clay and threw the cup off the hump and set it aside then shaped the stem with the clay that was left and placed the cup back on the stem.

One of my favs

This was the first one

Here are the plates.










And the bowls.

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Pretty good kiln opening.  This is all earthenware scrap that was given to us that we reclaimed of unknown manufacture.

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We thought we’d take some better photos (ie not with our phone) of our new tile now that it’s grouted, cleaned and sealed.

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