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This is our Shimpo NVS-07 De-Airing Mixing Pugmill Lorraine.

We needed to switch from earthenware to B-Mix 5 so it was time to clean it out for the change. We pugged the 50 odd pounds that was in the machine and got ready to clean.

This is what the machine looks like after use.

photo 1

Close up of the inside.

photo 2

We used a hard plastic squeegee to get the bulk of the soft clay out.

photo 3

After just a bit of scrapping.

photo 4

You then unbolt the nozzle.  Held on by 4 bolts.  There’s a lot of clay left in the nozzle that you need to get out.

photo 1-1

Then you have to clean the clay off the screw auger.

photo 3-1

The screw auger is held on by one bolt.

photo 4-1

Remove the bolt then pull out the screw auger.  Scrape the rest of the clay off and we used a chop stick to ream out all the holes in the paddles.

photo 5-2

Once the auger is out of the machine scraping the inside of the pugmill is very easy.

photo 5-1

Then using a wet sponge wipe down the rest of the interior.

Nice thing about taking these photos is I was able to see the little bit of clay I missed.

photo 1-3

We used a garden hose to blast clean the screw auger.

photo 4-3

Scrap the clay from the nozzle using the plastic scraper then a wet sponge.

photo 3-3

Then reassemble and it’s ready for more clay action.

photo 5-3

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We received a wonderful customer appreciation photo today.

This was an insert we had for sale on Etsy and a couple from California are now the proud owners of it.

Here’s what they had to say.

Hi Angi & Scott,

Our kitchen is finished and I wanted to share a picture of the grape mural in its new home. It is absolutely beautiful and we are very happy with it. I was a little concerned about the travertine field tiles rather than white tiles, but I think the contrasting color really shows off the mural!

Thanks for everthing.

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We thought we’d take some better photos (ie not with our phone) of our new tile now that it’s grouted, cleaned and sealed.

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We unloaded the accent tiles for this installation out of the kiln with a sigh of relief this morning.  It was their second trip though the kiln for glaze firing.  The first time was at 06 with less than stellar results and this time at 05 and they’re prefect.  We installed these this afternoon and will grout it tomorrow.  Sealer in a couple days.

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We’re going to see if stoneware clay would make a much better tile clay body than the earthenware we’ve been using.  So we made a 15 x 15 inch vineyard tile to test Laguna B-Mix 5 to see if it would pass or fail.  We also made some sweet lidded jars including one we did some vertical slip-trailing on.


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Our neighbors told us about a Green Market that a local church was putting on and with a $15 booth fee and a 10 min drive why not.

You know what it wasn’t a horrible market we sold a few pots and made some connections including a woman that called us today to make 6 custom tooth brush/paste holders for her bathrooms.

The only problem came from the booth next to us.  See that piece of furniture with the scroll top.  At the end of the show it came crashing into our shelves which I guess I built pretty well because only 6 pieces ended up smashed on the pavement.  They purchased our first DIY mosaic project.

For those of you who haven’t signed up for Square credit card acceptance get on it.  It is the best thing since sliced bread.

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Use the right clay and the crap doesn’t blow up.

After prying a section of our first attempt at glaze firing one of these 15 x 15 inch tiles out of one of the element holders of our kiln we knew it was time to try a clay other than Miller #10 to make our large tiles.  So we gave Wades Paper Clay a shot and lookie here’s two perfect tiles for the back of the cubbies in a shower.  This clay has a bit more texture than we would prefer but having a big tile stay in one piece…OH WELL!

In the same glaze load were these border tiles that came out beautifully.

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