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More new old skills

Here’s the second of the two stained glass panels we were building for a client.



I’m post some of the smaller pieces were making when we get them photographed

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Over the years scott & angi in jupiter have expanded the scope of our commercial photography business to include greeting cards, graphic design, handmade ceramic tile, vinyl signage, faux painting along with a few others to stay busy and employed. So when the opportunity came along that one of our clients needed two custom stained glass panels created we had no problem giving it a try. After all, we are building our house doing all the construction ourselves, how hard could could a couple windows be. LOL! It’s not easy.

Here are some photos of the first one. It’s 2 feet x 4 feet done in classic lead came style construction.



I doubt they will ever see this but two guys who have instructional videos on youtube were a great help in figuring out how this is done.
dichroicglassman and rabbicoonproductions.
Thanks to them both.

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