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After rigging the Collins Coping Foot onto our Black and Decker D style jig saw to cut the crown for our bedroom we needed to find a better saw. 

On the B/D it was too far back and not very secure. You can see on the foot where the blade had come in contact with the metal after shifting during cutting. 

We picked up a Dewalt DW317k and after removing the blade guard it’s perfect 

On to the living room we go. 


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Welcome to the club. Normally the first rule of clone club is not to tell anyone about clone club but this is just too cool not to share. 

We made a clone club mug for ourselves and shared photos on facebook and got some other fans want to order their own mug. So we contacted Graeme Manson and John Fawcett over Twitter to inquire about selling them and got this response. 

We have since sold a few to other members of clone club but the coolest thing was an email from Graeme asking to order 11 for all the writers on the show. 

They posted this kick ass pic on Twitter. 

That pic so makes me smile. 

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Crazy Solutions

Solutions to some of our problems can be almost comical. Our butter dishes tend to bow out in the middle from the friction of the contact with the table. Elevating them the sometimes warp. Bring on the pencils and clay bag rubber bands.


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Throwing Spiky Mug Lids off the Hump

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12 in 12 Trimmed & Drying

Trimmed our Highwater Clay Earthen Red test bowls this morning. One kinda looks like a you-know-me.




We also went ahead and threw a sample plate and bowl for client approval of the requested shapes.



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12 in 12

Michael Kline has a throwing game called 12 x 12. Throw 12 pots by 12 noon. Had some fun with the concept today and threw 12 bowls off the hump in about 12 mins.


These are made with Highwater Clays Earthen Red. Planning on a series of cone 5 color tests.

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Our First

That was our first computer and first of many Macintosh computers…back in 1989. Brought to you by Steve & Steve…Jobs & Woz. The coolest thing about the early Macs was the cases were engraved on the insides with the signatures of everyone that worked on creating them. They were revolutionary and wonderful computers. One of those geniuses died today and the world got just a little less creative without him.

Steve Jobs you will be missed.

This post was created on an apple powerbook.

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